"Before I made you in your mother's womb, I knew you. "

Jeremiah 1:5

How Can I Help?

Appoint someone to be a liaison for the Center.

Encourage individuals in your church to volunteer as helpers or trained counselors.

Become a committed intercessor and pray for the ministry.

Support the Center financially.

Invite a CPC representative to speak to your church or women’s group.

Contact us by filling out the information to the right for more information on how.

Sanctity of Life




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Center for Pregnancy Choices

Twenty-four years ago, my mom was faced with an unplanned pregnancy and planned to have...

Center for Pregnancy Choices

Due to the power of prayer the doctor was unable to perform the abortion. I have to say...

Center for Pregnancy Choices

Because the abortion was stopped I have had the opportunity to live a normal life and...

Center for Pregnancy Choices

I am now able to own my own business and get married. I am so thankful my life was...